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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Albacore Tuna Postcard

As a postcard and cat lover, I love when I can combine these two passions. Meet Albacore Tuna, a charming feline that is part of the Amazing Acro-Cats, a traveling troupe of the Rock Cats Rescue, a 501c3 organization.

Albacore Tuna is a lovely white cat with gorgeous amber eyes. He starts out the show, and he plays cowbell in the Rock Cats band. As you can see, he loved posing with his instrument of choice for the postcard. He likes to ring a bell on command (and sometimes without a prompt)! His birthday is July 7.

From the set of 20, this is one of my favorite Acro-Cats postcards. I purchased it from their shop and sent two out (written and stamped). One to an artist and cat lover in Oregon, and one to a cat lover in Atlanta. Since these adresses were generated by Postcrossing, they're random. As luck would have it, the second recipient told me a cool twist upon receipt of the postcard (you'll see).

Here are the replies I got:

"Thank you so so much for your card! I love it!! Tuna looks like she's born to play that cowbell. I love cats and have 2. ... I'm pretty sure they would be great in the Acro Cats. I don't think they would like all the touring though. They are homebodies. I've always wanted to see the Acro Cats and almost got to go see them with a friend of mine a few years ago but I had to work that day so my friend took her little boy and they absolutely loved it. ... Your card is delightful"

Thank you so much for this postcard! It’s special to me in a few different ways. My husband is from Park Ridge (adjacent suburb to where I live). Also I am very familiar with the Acro Cats and have seen their show once. But most of all my husband & I even visited Meowy Manor (the cat's home in Atlanta) in person last year. We went to pick up our foster kitten in September 2019. We got to meet Samantha, many of the cats and other animals. Thanks for spreading the word!”

My pictures were taken with an inexpensive, moderately intelligent phone, so they're not the best quality. The postcards you get from the store are professionally done. The unwritten backside looks cool too. (pointy finger)↓↓