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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dog Days of Summer: What is Your Ideal Vacation?

It's funny, I keep running into blog fests through new international followers. I think I am getting addicted. Anyway, this one is aptly named The Dog Days of Summer and it's hosted by Jeremy Bates.
I think this year, even those of us in normally cooler climates, have a lot to say about summer. Alas, I've complained enough about the heat, humidity and storms so I decided to choose to write about the ideal vacation. It makes sense, as my last real vacation was when I was 10 or so and it did not end on a pleasant note.

Really, I have never been on a real vacation since then. For one, in the USA as an employed person it was hard for me to get time off, even with "designated" personal days and despite having an income to spend on a vacation. For one, you had to earn days first and secondly, you had to get approval and that was the tricky part. I did manage to sneak away with my family for long extended weekend events and twice to New York City. 
Alas, they weren't ideal because they were stressful. Then, I got laid off and had time, but  no money. Then I got sick and any travel at all is out of the question pretty much.

I used to think my ideal vacation would be in the tropics. Now, where I live the tropics somehow managed to get there and I've had enough of summer. Now, my ideal vacation would be to get away with my boyfriend to a unique bed and breakfast place that was surrounded by gardens and parks. I'd also like a beach nearby, but more like a pleasant lake shore, not the over-crowded Florida type. 

Yes, that's it. Since I live in a humid concrete jungle now without any place to spend outside really I crave nature ... get me to any greenery, please!


Jenny said...

Oh, a bed and breakfast by a lake would be fantastic. I'll put that one on my list, too :-) Happy Dog Days!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bed and breakfasts are fun!

Alexandra Heep said...

Jenny, thanks for stopping by.

Alex, I've never been to one, go figure.

Tracy said...

At least here the heat is dry. Humidity is a killer!

Conny said...

My last vacation was my honeymoon Alex, 32 years ago.
If I were to pick an ideal vacation now, it would be New York, with plenty of money to spend.

The Armchair Squid said...

I highly recommend Vermont for a B&B adventure. Very green, indeed.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Vacation? What's that? I have never been on a REAL vacation. A day here and there--actually a week at a B&B out in nature somewhere would be a great vacation. A beach would be fine. A ranch would be great. Big gardens, a pool. Anywhere. As they say, Alexandra...a change is as good as a rest! You need to get out of that concrete jungle, and soon. ":)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I do like the heat and hate to see summer go, but I've only visited the deep south, not live there so I might not like it if it went on for months.

Red said...

After quite a few decades in the south, I know I am not equipped for long term cold. I hated NY and OH winters. For that matter, I hate winter where it snows.

For me, I want a week to a month on a boat. I prefer to take a Pacific cruise because the countries I would like to call are on that side of the planet.


KT1 WRITES said...

An ideal vacation is all what you want it to be. For some that means getting away, and spening tons of money. But an ideal vacation can mean staying home, and just chillaxing!!

Unknown said...

Hi, Alex. I have been reading your blog silently for a while. Interesting post! For me, the ideal holiday right now would be something active. No computer, no internet around. Maybe hiking... like in the good old days.