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Friday, April 24, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: U is for Uruguay

Uruguay is nestled between Brazil and Argentina on the southeastern area of South America.  Most Uruguayans are descendants of Spanish and Italian immigrants. This country has a pleasant, temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Since it lies in the southern hemisphere, spring and summer fall into the months between September and March.

Uruguay is a safe place to live and has a stable government. There are hardly any muggings or personal assaults, and you can even keep your car unlocked without fear in some places. People here are friendly, but you must know Spanish to get around (the Uruguayan, not Mexican, Spanish). It's not cheap to live here, but people live simply and are generally happy.

Fun fact: The Uruguay anthem is the longest in the world at six minutes.

While mail from South America has a notorious reputation for traveling slowly, this postcard got to me in just over a week. (No wonder because Uruguay is the least corrupt country in Latin America). It was a trade. My card was equally fast getting into Uruguay from the USA.


Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

I like your fun fact, 6 minutes? Boy, that's a lot of words!
U is for Unique Style

Marie Anne said...

Not a country you hear a lot about, but it sounds like a pleasant place to live.

Jade Li said...

It would be one I'd be interested in learning more about.

Weekends in Maine said...

That's great that the postcard arrived so quickly. Weekends In Maine