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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: H is for Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe, south of Slovakia.  Less than 10 million people live in this European country, and the number decreases annually. About 70 percent of Hungarians live in urban centers. The biggest is Budapest, its capital, which houses 30 percent of this urban population.

The country has a continental climate, with hot summers and fairly cold winters. Hungary is the only nation in Europe that has a unique language, unrelated to any other European language. It's said to be the most difficult to learn, and the Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters.

Fun fact: Don't clink beer glasses in Hungary because it's considered bad taste.

I received this postcard as part of the Postcrossing random project. The stamps are pretty cute!


Marie Anne said...

That's interesting about the language. I never would have thought that. Wonder why it's so?

Weekends in Maine said...

Those stamps are cute especially the baby polar bears. Weekends In Maine

Langley Cornwell said...

I did not know that about clinking the glasses in Hungary. Good info.

Jade Li said...

For a land-locked country it sure has a big river running along or through it. Interesting about the alphabet and distinct language.

Tamara said...

We visited Budapest as a farewell trip with our college class. For us Western kids everything was so affordable, we actually felt bad.
The city is stunning. So many nicely maintained old buildings and bridges.
As for the language, we were glad some people spoke English or even German to us :-)

My H was for honesty system farmer's stores called "Hofladen" in Switzerland: