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Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Colorful Poem for NaPoWriMo Day 5

Today's writing prompt was to explore color. My favorite color is purple, plus it's Easter Sunday, so that was easy to figure out. The picture that appears with this poem is of an iris in our garden last year.


Purple, known as the color of mystery
magic, royalty and spirituality
as well as the sub-conscious and creativity
some even say it's the color of dignity.

How does a color achieve such designations?
How did purple get such a reputation?
You have to travel back in history
and understand about its energy.

Rare in nature, it might not have been found at all
in the worldly pre-historic flora or fauna.
Our ancient ancestors probably had to make due
seeing it only in a rainbow or sunrise hue.

Once people figured out how to make and apply dye
Purple goods existed, but were hard to come by
reserved for the rich, hence its reputation
of being a color for those in high stations.

The wavelength of purple is the most powerful
from rainbow's spectrum of colors, full.
It's the most visible electromagnetic energy
just short of x-ray and gamma, you see.

Did you know that only two flags in the world
contain any purple when unfurled?
So when you see purple around you now
Don't take it for granted, anyhow.

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