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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Human Versus Cat Round 6

Many of you have wondered how exactly The Princess makes her car number picks for the NASCAR fantasy league. (If you do not know what this is about, this post explains it). So Tom took a video of Gracie and as you can see, her "pick box" has a new paint scheme too. The video is only two minutes long, so no need to run out for popcorn or adult beverages, but I find it very entertaining.

We will also have to do some additional work. As you can see by Gracie's picks below she seems to go for the same numbers over and over, despite mixing them up real well. We wonder if it is because her scent is on certain paper balls. So next week we will have a whole new set of papers for her to work with. It will be interesting to see if she will still pick the same ones.

She is very partial to the number 3. A lot of her picks either have the digit 3 as part of the car number, can add up to 3, or divide by 3. It's fitting as her team name is Threeeee. I will post more on that in the following weeks. Also, she picks the Stewart/Haas team drivers (Tony [#14]  and Ryan [#39]) a lot ... except for Danica Patrick (#10). Even the cat knows not to pick her! Although, Tony hasn't exactly been hot either. Who knew that Newman (my favorite but not exactly a top driver) would out-perform his boss so far? Yes, I digress.

So, without further ado, here are Gracie's picks for the Richmond race:

31 (Jeff Burton)
93 (Travis Kvapil)
15 (Clint Boyer)
39 (Ryan Newman)
14 (Tony Stewart)

And here are my picks for the Bloomin39 team:

15 (Clint Boyer)
11 (Brian Vickers)
20 (Matt Kenseth)
5 (Kasey Kahne)
29 (Kevin Harvick)

Here are the results:

Gracie scored 80 points for Jeff Burton, 7 points for Travis Kvapil, 43 points for Clint Boyer, 29 points for Ryan Newman and 26 points for Tony Stewart for a total of 185 points. She shot up to 32.1 percent for all Nascar of Fox fantasy players and is now ranked 840 out of 1,177 Brad Keselowski fans. That is a huge jump! Not bad for not playing for the first three races.

I scored 86 points for Clint Boyer, 9 points for Brian Vickers, 39 points for Matt Kenseth, 23 points for Kasey Kahne, and 47 points for Kevin Harvick (who won the race) for a total of 204 points. I am now ranked 203 out of 399 (a slow climb up) and a percentile of 55.1 for all Nascar on Fox players (bigger jump).

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Gracie must have her favorites.