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Monday, October 10, 2011

Of Cats and Women

I have lived with many cats in my lifetime and I am amazed how different they have been. Some played, some didn't; some loved catnip, others had no interest; some talked, others remained quiet throughout their lives. Some missed me when I was gone and with others you never knew they were there.

Princess Gracie however seems to combine a little bit of every cat I have ever had. Or, should I say, every cat that has ever had me. If a cat can have multiple personalities, she has them. Some days Gracie will spend just lounging around and be very lovable, flopping at my feet while I am working and cuddling on the bed when I am watching TV.

Other days, she runs around wildly, even attacking my leg as I walk by, teeth and claws out. During those times I can't touch her or she will bite even - totally hyper. However, whenever it is bedtime I tell her so, turn off the TV and lights and then she settles down. Usually she will either plop on the pillow on the bed, or sleep behind the curtain on the window sill. This can change during the night, and I have often rolled over to find a comforting furry lump next to me.

She also knows when it is time to get up. I have sleep problems so spend a lot of time awake, even when in bed, but she knows not to disturb me ... until I turn my cell phone on. Somehow this seems to signal the start of the day for her and she will start meowing and greeting me. Well, this only works if she does not run out of food during the night of course.


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I can always tell when that blasted cat dish is empty...meowing of the most pathetic kind starts and there is no shushing them until it's filled again. Funny how that always happens in the morning...

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

See, even cats know that breakfast is the best meal of the day...