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Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Kitty/Bad Kitty?

Look closely, what is wrong with this picture? Now, it’s not the obvious. Notice how the flower pot is positioned. What idiot would do this with Gracie and two other cats in a household (one for each level of the triplex)? My ex-landlord would and did. Gracie's "behavior" made for a very uncomfortable living situation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~In flagrante delicto – enough said.~~~~~~~~~~
Can you tell where this was going? If you need help (even if you don’t), let me elaborate. One night, after New Years, after weeks of picking up ornaments daily before the landlord could see them, I awoke to a big, loud bang. With a man in the house, I was not going to investigate and went back to sleep.

When I got up, I went downstairs to see the whole tree knocked over – and this was the landlord’s day off from work. So, I quickly put the tree back together, hoping he would not emerge untimely from his dungeon. Another not-so-wise person related to the first idiot had put glass ornaments on the tree, despite a hardwood floor and three cats in the house.

I had just finished sweeping the last of the broken ornaments, replenished them from a hidden stash, when said cave dweller dragged his hung-over butt up the stairs. I wished the idiot would depart for a much warmer climate most speedily (sorry Mac, I had to borrow that phrase), while questioning his ancestry under my breath. On the other hand, I also silently cheered the effects of cheap fermented grain mash as it was obvious he had not noticed anything during the night.

If you ask me, Gracie was just pointing out that after looking at this thing past New Year’s, it was time to take the pokey Window-View-Inhibitor down.

Fast forward to recently. When I was looking for my pair of warm shoes for autumn in the hotel closet… whoa back up, hotel? What happened in between? Well, if you read the previous you can figure that out. As I was saying, looking for my shoes in the back of the closet this is what I found. Gracie the Shredder had gotten to it.

So, I just put it down and took my shoes out and wrote the box off as a loss, the shoes were fine. Yay for canvas! As soon as the shoes were out, this was the result.
Tell me, does this look like a bad kitty? I didn’t think so.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! You have cute kitties. I've been lucky in that mine haven't messed with the tree that much (something I'll have to consider again this year now that the Munchkin is old enough to start grabbing things), but they too love their boxes!

Conny said...

Gracie looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and even if she naughty from time to time ... you can't hold it against her. She a cat and healthy cats get up to mischief. I should know ...

Laura said...

What a gorgeous little monkey Gracie is! My landlady's cat Luna used to eat all her spider plants...

PS was very happy when your blog re-appeared on my reading list - I think Blogger was playing silly sausages again!

Diane said...

LOL! I guess that's why kitties have nine lives, to save them when their curiosity makes them "bad" in our eyes. Sweet Gracie is just a victim of circumstances. :-)

I have a tree every year with glass ornaments, but my two kitties could care less. All they want to do is take naps under it. I count myself lucky on this issue.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

TOO funny even if it might not have been at the time, Alex...nice sleeping kitty.... ":)