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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where Are Readers From?

When I was searching my blog for weird search phrases for yesterday’s post, I came across the audience function as well. This made me curious to see what countries my readers are from. The weird thing is that this blog, which is the one with topics that should interest a large audience, has the least variety of countries. So I am turning once again to my other blogs, but I am not including countries that are home to my friends and regular known readers.

The most unique locales are:
Gracie’s Sunflower Patch has had readers from Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysa, and Latvia. Residents from Romania, the Isle of Man, and Latvia read my chapters of A Heep’s Tale, or at least found their way there.

What surprised me most however are the people who found my NASCAR blog, not exactly a broad topic of international interest - I have trouble finding followers even in America for it. Visitors from Ireland, Singapore, Australia, France, and even Turkey showed up. I know some of these countries are not that unusual, but I found it strange they would read about NASCAR. Well, they may not actually read the posts, but you really can't find that blog unless you type in NASCAR key words. Intriguing. Oh, and Latvia visits that one too of course, someone there is pretty loyal to all my blogs. Or very lost.


KT1 WRITES said...

Isn't it strange where viewers come from?

Anonymous said...

Huh,. I wish wordpress had such a function!