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Monday, May 4, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020 Reflections

My theme this year for the A to Z Challenge 2020 was postcards from countries and autonomous regions that I received. In regards to reader participation, my page views ranged from 20 to 50, but very few readers commented. And yes, I visit all the readers who leave comments and leave a comment for them on their blogs. Still, I do this every year.

I did learn one thing from the comments: What is exciting to one person might not seem interesting to another. For example, my post for V was about Vatican City. In it I mentioned that my partner Tom has a co-worker who used to be a papal guard.

One reader commented that this co-worker must have a lot of stories to tell. As it is, I don't know! I barely got the fact that this person was a member of the guard, and that happened weeks/months after he said it. I asked Tom for some details (like how long ago that was), and he said he didn't know.

They have known each other since May 2019, so it's not like you would be talking about inappropriate stuff. Perhaps it's a male/female thing and us females ask too many questions? Hah!

Anyway, I pre-wrote most of the posts in late February/early March 2020. It was a good thing I already had the postcards because the coronavirus had a big impact on the postal service. I am  missing a bunch of postcards, including trades that were arranged in February or even earlier.

I didn't mention the virus situation in my posts on purpose because I wanted them to be positive. I wanted the posts to function like a quick virtual escape around the world. I only touched on the situation briefly in a couple of entries - only to explain why I didn't have the actual postcard of that particular country to show.

As it is, the mail problems originate because of suspended air travel. The USPS actually has a page that updates frequently and shows exactly why the mail suspension for each country occurred (over 110 at this time). It all seems like a complicated game of cat's cradle on steroids - and a big feline got a hold of it and unraveled it all.

So, that's that, and I was happy I did get to share something that has meaning to me. Until next year!


lissa said...

I'm guilty of not commenting much, I just didn't have the heart.

Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

Have a lovely day.

Genevive Angela said...

congratulations on completing your challenge, nice to connect with you:)

NotesinaBook said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge. I have really enjoyed all your posts. I did keep coming back, but have missed some so will have to go back and read them all.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on finishing the challenge and thanks for visiting my blog. I found it harder this year to interact with other bloggers. Being in lockdown is not an easy situation. You're right to try and stay positive. I fluctuate from trying to do that and being totally apathetic. I just read your post about how to collect the postcards and didn't realise how complicated it could get and how involving this hobby could be but yes it must be enlightening to discover so much about all the different places.