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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: Y is for (House of) York

Since my challenge theme is postcards from countries or autonomous regions, Y provided quite a challenge. That's because the only country that starts with Y is Yemen. There used to be Yugoslavia (until 1989), but I don't have a postcard from there.

I didn't want to go the easy route and settle on a city nor did I want to highlight Yemen because I don't have a card from there, so I came up with the house of York. Since Queen Elizabeth has the royal bloodline of York, here we are. I do have several postcards of her, but they are blank. That's why this post shows a postcard that has the Buckingham Palace on it (bottom photo), which is ... the home of said queen, plus Prince Andrew who is ... the Duke of York. I have no idea how all this royal stuff works, I simply looked it up online.

Now, a palace might not seem to fit this theme, but Buckingham Palace does have its own post office and police station.This lovely postcard was randomly mailed to me as part of the Postcrossing project.

Buckingham Palace has

- 775 rooms
- 760 windows
- 40,000 light bulbs
- 77,000 square meters of floor space



Jeanne Bryan Insalaco said...

I wouldn’t want to work in housekeeping there! Never knew they had their own post office or police station!

Jade Li said...

Very interesting and impressive. The Yorks and The Vatican have some things in common. Who do you think is wealthier?