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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: R is for Romania

Located south of Ukraine, Romania also borders Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Bulgaria. To the east, you have the Black Sea. One-third is mountains, one-third is forests, and the remaining landscape consists of hills and plains. Its name means "citizens of the Roman Empire."

Fun fact: The Palace of Parliament, which is located in the capital of Bucharest, is the world's heaviest building. (As you can see below, I have a postcard of this fantastic building).

Romania really isn't a rare country as far as postcards are concerned, but it took me about two years to get a postcard from there. I only have a handful, and the ones you see I received as random cards through postcard exchange site.

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Jade Li said...

I wonder what the building is made of to make it so heavy?