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Saturday, April 18, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: P is for Palau

Do you know where the Republic of Palau is? I didn't - until I received this postcard from there. This sovereign archipelago nation lies in Oceania in the Western Pacific, Micronesia to be exact. It's sort of between Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

Its total population is around 25,000, but only 9 of the 300 or so islands are inhabited. Palau has a land area of only 180 square miles (or 465 square kilometers). It has a tropical climate (rainy, humid and warm). It has more species of marine life than any other area of similar size in the world. Palau remains one of only a few unspoiled locations on earth.

Fun fact: Palau is home to Jellyfish Lake with millions of golden jellyfish that don't sting. Many people enjoy swimming with these harmless jellyfish. 

I obtained this postcard through a trade. I sent a copper postcard to Hawaii in turn. The recipient there had a friend in Palau. So, he wrote the Palau card, sent it to his friend, and the friend mailed it from Palau so I would have the right cancellation.


Jade Li said...

Swimming in a lake of friendly golden jellyfish sounds like a dream. Sounds like a magical place to visit.

Dipali Bhasin said...

Postcards are such a wonderful way to get a glimpse of a place. I can imagine a lake full of jellyfish. How beautiful it would look. Palau seems to be a great place.