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Monday, April 13, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: K is for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in central Asia. It is the ninth largest country overall in the world. It is south of Russia and west of China, bordering both. Despite being the largest landlocked nation in the world, it only has 16 million people. Allegedly, horses were first tamed to ride in Kazakhstan. It is also said that apples originated here.

Fun fact: Almaty, the name of the country's largest city, translates to "apple."

This is one of my favorite cards. Not because it's from a particularly rare country but because of the shape and scenery. (Normally, postcards aren't that long). I received it as part of the random exchange on Postcrossing.


Jade Li said...

Thanks for teaching me a little about this country. I knew apples originated somewhere in that part of the world and now I know. Yes it is a very pretty postcard!

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I met someone from this country. She was now living in Florida and whined about how thin her hair was. LOL Nice person though.