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Thursday, April 2, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: B is for Bangladesh

Bangladesh is bordered by India on three sides. The southern part borders the Bay of Bengal. It also touches Myanmar on the southeast. Bangladesh is known for its violent rain storms, but it is only the 10th wettest country in the world. This abundant rain causes lush plant life, and Bangladesh is home to an impressive assortment of over 100 mammal species.

Bengali is the official language. While people here are friendly, they don't smile because smiling is seen as a sign of immaturity. That's what my research says. I don't know if that is true as I have never been there. Probably older people at least go by that, that is my thinking!

Fun fact: Bangladesh has six different seasons. In addition to spring, summer, autumn and winter, it has cool and warm seasons.

I received this postcard that you see above randomly as part of the Postcrossing postcard exchange process. It was quite a surprise because the country is one of the poorer ones. So, I kind of think that only the well-off people can afford to send cards from this country.

According to ye olde search engine, the monthly average income in Bangladesh is 15100.00 BDT. The cost to send a postcard to the Western world is between 400 to 1200 BDT. That translates to $5 to $15. Regardless of income, that's a lot.

I also read that it's difficult to find postcards in Bangladesh because the country is not a tourist spot. Since postcards are tied to tourism, that makes sense. I love the card because it shows a farming scene (over half of the Bengali population is farmers). I do notice that one of the people in that picture is smiling!


NotesinaBook said...

Thanks for sharing. love the stamps and interesting facts about postcards and sending them.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

You know with the isolation now and my phone suddenly broken, I have no contact with certain folks who don't have internet. Like my grandmother or some marginalized gentlemen whom I work with on a volunteer basis.

It occurred to me I could send postcards to say Hi to them. I just have to figure out where to find them. Then I forgot all about that and now you have reminded me. Postcards and stamps are surely very cheap here in Canada.

Best wishes.

Viyoma said...

It use to be East Bengal once upon a time. Even today visit West Bengal -India and you will find a lot of similarities it shares with Bangladesh. On the trading front too - Chittagong Port is an active participant.

Nilanjana Bose said...

I am from the other Bengal in India - currently not much to smile about the world over, but I find it hard to believe that Bangladeshis do not smile under normal circs. :)

Happy A-Zing!

Toffee said...

From Toffee the Cat: My old woman said she really enjoyed reading about Bangladesh. She and the old man sponsor a little girl there through the World Vision programme so it was great to read more about the country.

Marie Anne said...

What a treasure! I enjoy seeing where your postcards come from.

Langley Cornwell said...

I'm enjoying this journey of postcards and stamps.

vesseys said...

Thanks for sharing about Bangladesh and her people.

I hope its an enjoyable month of A to Zing.



Kiddoblogger said...

What an awesome hobby to collect postcards from far off places!

Jade Li said...

Bangladesh came to the western world's attention when George Harrison had a concert to benefit those starving there. Hoping things are better there now.

Whispering Thoughts said...

This one's relatable

Welfare unto all
Rab rakha

Lisa Clark said...

Very interesting! I didn't know a lot of this. Thanks for sharing.