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Saturday, April 27, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: X is for Xtreme Sports

What is an xtreme or extreme sport? Here is what Brittanica says: "Extreme sports, also known as action sports or alternative sports, sporting events or pursuits characterized by high speeds and high risk. The sports most commonly placed in this group are skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, in-line roller-skating, street lugeing, and BMX and mountain biking."

The sports mentioned are okay, but I don't really follow them. However, I am thinking more of skeleton, luge and ski jumping. Those I like. If you don't know what they are, the first two of these sports take place on an icy track. They both involve a light toboggan, or, as we call it in our house: a glorified mechanics creeper.

Among the winter sports, I find those the most fascinating (other than ski jumping, which seems extreme as well). The difference is that luge goes feet-forward with the rider on his back while for skeleton the athletes throw themselves belly down, head-first down the icy tube-shaped track. If that isn't extreme enough, the athletes reach crazy speeds, going up to around 90 mph.

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Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I can't watch any of those without closing my eyes and saying, "Heck no! Too scary for me!" Yes, I am a wimp and I'm totally okay with that! :)