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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: C is for Cats

I love cats. Cats in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors - wild, domesticated and feral. Many people think you can't train them and also assign all kinds of negative adjectives to them, simply because they aren't like dogs. Well, dogs are great in their own way and suit many people. And that's why we have cats, for those who don't click with dogs. Isn't that wonderful!

Anyway, if you want proof that you can train cats, check out the Amazing Acro Cats. They have a bunch of YouTube videos, including of the Rock Cats. I saw the show twice, in 2016 and 2017. They didn't come to Chicago in 2018 because the lady who runs the show was fighting cancer. Now, when people hear the word circus, that seems to evoke uncomfortable feelings.

However, the Acro Cats are different. While they're trained, the cats aren't forced to perform. Every show, at least one cat wanders off into the audience. Also, some tricks don't come together at all. They are okay with it, and that's why the doors are always closed at the theaters where they perform.

Why do the cats perform? For treats, of course. And yes, everyone can train cats. It's called clicker training. The best part of it is that the cats love what they do. You can tell by their body language. Their tails are always held high with a curved tip. That is the feline sign for happiness.

Well, okay, there is one thing that's even better: All this is done for raising awareness of homeless cats. All of the purrformers are rescued, and many get adopted out. Although, they do have a few cats who have a permanent home with the show owner, Samantha Martin.

Bonus C: The ambassador for the Acro Cats is Captain Patch, an adorable rescue who has only one eye and was born with a birth defect that affects his teeth and nose.


Conny said...

I've never seen the show, Alex, but it seems like a wonderful idea. I especially like the bit where you say that one of the cats wander into the audience LOL
I've never been able to train any of my cats, but maybe I should give it a shot.

Lorena G. Sims said...

I've just watched the show in Youtube and those cats are adorable.

Deborah Weber said...

I've never met a cat who couldn't train me to love them. Fun post!