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Thursday, April 26, 2018

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018: W is for Wooden Postcards

(My theme for April's A to Z blogging challenge is postcards. If you want, read my intro post).

As I already mentioned in my "C is for Cork ..." post, postcards come in a variety of materials, including leather, copper, the aforementioned cork and of course wood. I've checked eBay, and you can buy blank (un-mailed) wooden postcards for around $7.00 and up.

I was actually sent a wooden postcard that I won in a random giveaway. I didn't know what I won (it just said random postcard), so I was really surprised when this wooden one from Texas showed up in my mailbox. Indeed, it was mailed just like that, without an envelope. I've included the back of the card so you can see the stamp and cancellation.


Seema Misra said...

Never seen or heard of a wooden postcard - sounds very interesting. I quite like postcards and letters; the last I received were from a book club. Interesting theme.

Seema, participant in #AtoZchallenge, Artist, Writer, Wanderer, and Dreamer.
Waiting at Bikaner House, Delhi

Shirley Corder said...

I've never heard of a wooden postcard. It sounds intriguing. Thanks for the post. Enjoy the end of the challenge! I'm blogging on Water and how it affects your lifestyle

Deborah Weber said...

I've sent and received wooden cards. It's always fun to get a postcard made from unusual materials isn't it? I have a particular love of 3D lenticular postcards - those really good thick ones that offer spectacular shifts.