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Friday, July 11, 2014

Solving the Ad Sense Mystery

Greetings fellow humans,

Yes, I know, this blog has had cobwebs all over. Well, blame Bubblews because I found that I can actually get paid for my drivel there. Since my Ad Sense account disappeared over two years ago (without having ever really earned anything in the five years or so I have been on here), I was not going to waste time with a useless blog. Plus, I was earning residuals on a couple of other sites.

Alas, those sites have now given up the ghost. So, I decided to revive this blog and turn it into a more professional website for showcasing my hundreds of articles, which were previously published on said platforms. I figured even with Ad Sense gone, I could use the blog to hopefully land writing assignments.

Well, while clicking around here and there, I found out why I no longer had Ad Sense: They had sent me  PIN through snail mail over two years ago. Alas, the address on file was about four years outdated. And there you have it. Since I never received the pin, I had my account in stasis. It would have been nice had they notified me by email that they sent a PIN.

Also, I somehow show a balance of $14 and change there. How that happened, I do not know, but I'll take it. Even if payout is not until I reach $100. Times are tough in the online writing world (and the world in general), so I will have to do what it takes.

Anyway, I updated my address and requested a new PIN. It says to give it 2 to 4 weeks time, so keep all appendages crossed, please.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Notification would've been nice.
Good to hear from you though! Hope you'll post here regardless of Ad Sense.

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

That may be what happened to me too.

Mike W said...

Feedburner is still working. Got the notice in gmail.

Keep writing...

Unknown said...

nice !!