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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vanilla Ice, Baby - the Sunflower Kind

I am well-known for my love of sunflowers. When I found out there is a Vanilla Ice variety, of course I had to try to grow it. Ever since I seeded them though, I have been chuckling at the name because of the rapper Vanilla Ice and his song Ice Ice Baby. So, I decided to adapt his lyrics somewhat to write my very own Vanilla Ice Sunflower Rap.

Vanilla Ice, baby
all right, stop
collaborate and listen
sunflowers are in with a brand new invention
Vanilla Ice grabs a hold of me tightly
and I had to sow some daily, not nightly
will it grow?
Yo, I don't know
Don't turn off the sun so the seeds can grow
to the extreme would be 7 feet tall
weather lit up up with storms, that wasn't cool.

rush through the earth despite the gloom
don't let the heavy rains kill like a poisonous mushroom
deadly when thunder plays awful melody
anything less than success is a felony
love it, don't leave it
you better gain way
you better hit bulls eye
this mom doesn't play
If there's a problem, yo I solve it
check out the seedlings while the sun revolves it

Vanilla Ice Ice baby

Now that the party is jumping
with the winds kicked in and the rains a'pumping
quick to the point, to the point no faking
the lightning is cooking the ground like bacon
burning them if they're not quick and nimble
I go crazy when I look out the window
they're supposed to grow at least 4 feet tall
when on a roll they can go to 7
less is good too
as long as the wind doesn't blow them over

I'm on stand by
ready to say hi
don't stop
No, I'll wait
Keep on hoping they'll grow
Don't bust to the right or left
grow up straight and not slow
so continue as the weather clears
six inch blooms is what they're supposed to have
eight to ten inch spread
and seven weeks until they bloom
hugely prolific so the packet says
long-flowering helianthus annuus they're called
blooms in color from delicate cream
to soft yellow or off white
low-maintenance annual don't let me down

If there is a problem yo I solve it
check out the growth as the sun revolves it

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby
word from the mother
I love Vanilla Ice (sunflowers)
Ice Ice baby
don't be too cold to grow
that's a wrap with a w
word to your flower

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