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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Human Versus Cat Round 8

Gracie made her picks the day before the May 11 Darlington NASCAR race.(If you do not know what this is about, this post explains it). It took her all afternoon. She did pick the captain quickly enough, but the others took some time.

Anyway, this is what she came up with:

22 (Joey Logano)
27 (Paul Menard)
39 (Ryan Newman)
32 (Timmy Hill)
34 (David Regan)

It seems that making new paper balls (to take the scent of the old ones) sort of worked, as she picked some different drivers. Alas, she picked Newman again, for the fourth time this season, which means she can't pick him again until the NASCAR of Fox fantasy league spring segment is over. Which should be soon.

And here are my picks. Yes, they are getting more difficult to make as I've maxed out several drivers too.

20 (Matt Kenseth)
11 (Denny Hamlin)
56 (Martin Truex)
78 (Kurt Busch)
48 (Jimmie Johnson)

The results

Gracie scored 44 points for Logano, 25 points for Menard, 34 points for Newman, 11 points for Hill and 5 points for Ragan. The latter was last week's race winner, which just shows you how fickle this sport is. Her total for the race was 119 points. She is ranked 778 out of 1,193 in the Brad Keselowski league and her percentile for all NASCAR on Fox players is 37.3. As always, keep in mind that she did not "play" for the first 3 races, so the stats are skewed.

As for myself, I am afraid I have to do some horn-tooting. I picked the winner and second place driver as well as the fourth finisher. My worst finishing driver ended up 14th (Kurt Busch). I also found a new screen that tells you how your percentile and rank went for all NASCAR on Fox players, not just the league finish. I'll get to that in a bit, after I tally up:

94 points for the race winner (Kenseth), 42 for Hamlin, 32 for Truex, 31 for Kurt Busch and 40 for Jimmie Johnson for a total of 239 points. That, my folks, placed me 291 out of all NASCAR on Fox players with a 99 percentile for this race (which bumps my all-around percentage for the spring segment to 70.8). How many players are there? It says 9,999+, but I am guessing it's way more than 10,000. Maybe even closer to 100,000? I'd like to find out, that is for sure. As far as my rankings go for the Ryan Newman league I am now 123 out of 404.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great picks this week, Alexandra!