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About Alexandra Heep: The internet has allowed allowed Alexandra to maintain a semblance of life when encountering an unexpected, lingering health crisis. The Internet is a lifeline which not only allows her to remain connected to friends, but also survive, via writing.While Alexandra Heep is her pen name, she does not hide behind it. Instead, she used it to brand herself on the Internet and to create opportunities.

Alexandra published her first book, a collection of her best poems, on July 11, 2012. You can buy it at Lulu.com

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


He takes my hand, gently
one that comes with a hidden strength
that steadies me, firmly
he knows my legs and spine tend to fail me
but my heart never does
we gaze down a new path
in early spring, too soon for new growth to show

yet we know it is there, all the same
we can't see what's around the bend

as together we take our first steps.

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