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Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for McCauley/Schenker Group

I know I use this phrase a lot, but yes, everyone has a story. Sometimes you'll find the best ones when you least expect it and in the strangest places. Such is the case with today's selection, McCauley/Schenker Group (MSG). [Side note: MSG also was used for Michael Schenker Group, the name Michael used before and after Robin McCauley was part of it.]

A friend of mine posted the video "Anytime" (from their album 'Save Yourself') - see below - on Facebook and it reminded me of a cassette tape (remember those?) I used to have. The way I acquired the tape was because it had the name Schenker in it, for Michael Schenker, who used to play with the Scorpions (and other bands). As a German, the Scorpions are one of my favorite bands and I am always on the lookout for side projects of band members.

I found this group worthy of mention not only because of Michael Schenker's involvement, but because said friend who posted it has a cool story to tell.

Here is how Manfred Helwig told the background story: "December 1989, an unknown band in a small studio, set to record their first demo tape. An unknown bass player got into the rehearsal room of a drummer near the studio to warm up. The drummer came in and joined for a jam. Well, this drummer was Bodo Schopf, member of MSG back then. Most of you might know the bass player!" 

Cool story in my opinion. Imagine, getting to jam with Michael Schenker!

On a side note, pretty much anything that has to do with Michael Schenker is worth checking out, so seek people, seek!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have that disc.
And MSG is not to be confused with the food preservative.

Betty Alark said...

First time hearing the group. Think I'd like to simply hear the instrumental.