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Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Living Loud featuring Lee Kerslake

Living Loud is a project that Lee Kerslake, long-time (ex) drummer of Uriah Heep, was part of. Did you know that Lee Kerslake also used to drum for Ozzy Osbourne? Not only that, he had a major part in two of Ozzy's famous albums "Diary of a Madmen" and "Blizzard of Oz", but was never credited nor obtained royalties, despite a lawsuit.

How does this relate? Six of those songs, "I Don't Know", "Crazy Train", "Flying High Again", "Mr. Crowley", "Tonight" and "Over the Mountain" are on the Living Loud CD. Those six songs, if you listen to the re-issued Ozzy versions, had the originals tracks erased and dubbed over after the lawsuit. The CD also features five new songs, written solely for that project.

Incidentally, Bob Daisley, ex bassist for Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep, was in the same boat (screwed out of royalties and never credited) and also part of Living Loud. This band also featured guitarist Steve Morse and vocalist Jimmy Barnes. Keyboardist Don Airey, who also was part of of the original albums and yes, you guessed it, never credited, laid down tracks for Living Loud remotely. Talk about a super group! The CD, Living Loud, was released in 2004 and a DVD, Live in Sydney, followed in 2005.

Living Loud - Last Chance

Living Loud - Every Moment a Lifetime


Anonymous said...

Very cool post - I didn't know these musicians had gone ahead and formed a band. I had heard of controversy with the credits on "Diary of A Madman" and "Blizzard of Oz" (which are Ozzy solo albums, btw, not Black Sabbath) and it is always a shame when great musicians do not get the props they deserve.
Enjoy your A to Z-ing!

Alexandra Heep said...

Of course they were, thanks for reading so closely and pointing that out, I have changed the post. Obviously, my expertise does not extend to Ozzy and Black Sabbath!

Anonymous said...

Glad to help, LOL. I was a huge Ozzy/Sabbath fan in my youth but these days, not so much. I am enjoying your ABCs - great theme!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ozzy songs? Need to listen to those versions.

Alexandra Heep said...

Alex, the songs I chose to display here are purposely not the Ozzy songs, but yes, you can find the six I mentioned above on Youtube.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Visiting from A to Z. Good luck with your challenge.


Mac Pike said...

Very cool indeed, I keep learning things here!