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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks


I may not celebrate Thanksgiving per se, but still want to verbalize thanks. I am happy to have people in my life who can call me mom, mommy, sister, aunt, grandma, and friend. They may be in different cities, states, countries and continents, but are only a phone call or email away.
And, you probably knew this was coming, my ode to Princess Gracie, the cat. 

She makes me move: When she wants to play with her mice, she involves me. She meows until I give in and throw toy mice. She then “kills” them (by shaking them) and makes me walk around kneeling on the floor to repeat the game: throw, kill, fetch.
She makes me take breaks: When she thinks I have been on the computer long enough, she acts up until I get up and start moving around. She has no care for deadlines.
She tells me when it’s bedtime: When it gets to be around midnight and I am still working, she will start racing around and make a lot of racket until I go to bed. Once my head hits the pillow, she ceases her behavior and either flops next to me on her special pillow, or retreats behind the curtain on the window sill.
She lets me sleep in: She generally does not wake me (unless the food dish is empty of course). She knows that the signal for getting up is not me opening my eyes, cause I have sleep problems. No, it’s either me getting out of bed, or turning on the cell phone to check the time. Then she greets me and asks me to open the window for her.
She misses me when I am gone: Sure, sometimes that takes shredding of toilet paper to get the point across (if I forget to hide it). She also greets me at the door, just about always and starts up a symphony of meows that would have the neighbors complaining if I do not immediately work on petting and soothing her until she deems it sufficient.
… and she seems to lower my blood pressure. All I have to do is look at her when she is deep asleep in those weird positions cats do and I feel cozy and warm.

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