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Friday, November 4, 2011

(Almost) Wasted Effort

So I was very pleased with myself that during the last month 31-day blogging challenge (NaBloWriMo) I managed to uphold my commitment for daily posting. I was wondering however, why, despite my social interactions with other participants, I was rarely getting comments on my blogs from new people. It’s not that I expected it and I still interacted with people I like, whether they did something for me or not, but I thought that it was strange.

I even asked some of the bloggers how they manage to gain followers, and they told me essentially that you do so by interacting with others. I was still scratching my head, when recently, after the challenge had ended, I stumbled across a comment on a neglected, old blog of mine. Oh, come on, we all have them … those projects we abandon in favor of funner ones or because of other responsibilities. 

Anyway, as I was saying: This comment I saw had been left over a week ago. And it said that she liked my comments and interactions on her blogs and wanted to see what I was posting, but that the only links showing on my Blogger profile were to blogs that had not been recently updated. Duh! No wonder, I forgot to do the most important step which was to link my active blog through my profile.
As the saying goes: It wasn’t them – it was me!


KT1 WRITES said...

Oh hell, at least you have an ad. LOL!

Alexandra Heep said...

LOL. Whether it does any good remains to be seen.

Laura said...

It's all good Alexandra... sometimes it takes ages to work the kinks out... and it's never a wasted effort. The other thing I did on my profile which has majorly helped is to press 'hide' on all of the blogs that are not current but that I don't want to delete. This means that anybody who goes to your profile knows exactly where to click to get to you.