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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homage to the Sun

Image Credit: Martina Mishoe
The greatest thing about inspiration, in my opinion, is that you can find it when you least expect it and in any place – even Facebook posts. My friend James, aka Alistair, wrote this poem about the sun and a discussion ensued on Facebook.

Now, why write about the sun in the middle of October and should I not be grateful that it’s there every day? Indeed I am, but sometimes it takes the thoughts of others to want to make mine public, perhaps for others to find something they can use for themselves.

Also, this post coincides with a time where many of my friends (myself included) have found themselves in prolonged days of darkness, meterologically and metaphorically speaking. A lot of us, especially on the East Coast, are waiting for the sun after weeks of rain and in the wake of hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, and other natural phenomenon that caused mayhem of varying degrees in our lives. Also, while the darkest, coldest days are yet to come here, in places like Australia it’s the opposite and they are warming up heading towards summer.

On a scientific level, since bodies make Vitamin D when sunlight touches them (read how in The UV Advantage by Dr. Michael Holick), if you do not have enough, you can have health problems. Sun also affects moods, just ask your friends who live in places that do not get a lot of sunlight.

Now, back to the initial discussion that inspired me to write about the sun in the first place. One of James’ friends, Mike H., posted something very interesting about how the sun ties us all together in a very unique way that even (or perhaps especially?) non-religious or non-spiritual people can appreciate. For lack of my words (that does not happen too often), he let me cite some of his observations: “Every calorie of energy we burn in our lives was once photons from the sun. Coal and oil used to be plants and they have stored the sun's energy only to be released by us. And all the chemicals that make humans and plants and animals were born in the hearts of stars and over eons formulated into blood and organs.”
In short, let’s give the sun some respect!

In closing, if you know me, you are aware that I like to tie everything to music. Since there are so many songs that speak of the sun, here is just a small sampling.


Raige Creations said...

now it is getting weird, my advice to my 15 year old self was Wear Sunscreen...you forgot that song, lol.
Are we on the same brain path??

Alexandra Heep said...

Haha, my life is weird anyway. What song is that that talks about sunscreen?

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I do show the sun respect, I crave it, honor it, need it, heck, I'm quite certain I am powered solely by its warming rays and I fall into such doldrums without it... Ah, the sun! Too right!

Diane said...

Living in the desert has given me a new appreciation for the sun as it applies to the saying, "Too much of a good thing." Knowing the downsides of Mr. Sun all too well, I'm also a person who much prefers living with sunbeams around me every day rather than clouds and damp weather that, I'm told, inspires others. Sometimes we can't live with Mr. Sun, but for sure, we can't live without him. :-)