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Saturday, April 7, 2018

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018: G is for Greensburg Courthouse Tree

(My theme for April's A to Z blogging challenge is postcards. If you want, read my intro post).

One bonus that postcard collecting brings is that you learn about new places and even new facts about old places. Such is the case with this postcard that depicts the Greensburg Courthouse Tower (Decatur County Courthouse) in Indiana. Specifically, it tells the story of a tree that has been growing out of the tower for generations. Well, it's not the same exact tree, but new sprouts keep taking the place of each tree that matures and dies.

If you zoom in on the text in the card, you can see that it reads "The present tree is about 13 years old, but one or more trees have been growing on this tower for over 50 years." Alas, it's an old card, so the time frames have changed a bit. I checked online, and a tree has been growing in that same spot since the 1870s. So, that's over 140 years. You can read the story on Atlas Obscura. The tree is even mentioned as a tourist attraction on travel websites.

What I also find interesting about this card is that the makers of it must have thought that 50 years of this recurrence was impressive enough to create a postcard. Also, I did not realize how old this card must be until I wrote this blog. I received the card through Postcrossing.


Anonymous said...

This is fascinating. It's quite fortuitous that someone sent you this unique card.

Pradeep Nair said...

That is interesting. :-)