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Saturday, April 2, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016: April 2

April is National Poetry Writing Month. I am participating in the write-a-poem-per-day challenge. For inspiration, I am using pictures that I've colored from adult coloring books. If you don't know what they are, then you need to read my prior posts :-)

This free-style poem is called Within the Lines

He's a clean-cut guy, the one you'd find
In every cubicle.
Hair appropriately clipped, short in front and behind
Wearing pristine khakis, polo shirt tucked in 
As to not offend because that would be a sin.

He says he does have a fun side
That's why he colors
He even makes videos to show others how
His first lesson is: "We're all adults, so we must stay within the lines.
Don't you know?
Otherwise, coloring just isn't right
 and you revert to being a child."

He drives his foreign-made compact car
To work, the grocery store, not noticing scenery
Cellphone in hand,
Seven-dollar coffee in the appropriate holder.
... Two parking spots, they aren't far
from where he needs to be
He parks in both.


I came up with this because I read an interesting post in an adult coloring group I belong to on Facebook. In said group, someone posted that she saw a video of a guy with instructions on how to color in adult coloring books. One of the first things he said, you guessed it, that if you can't color within the lines, you're not an adult. I just took it from there.

The picture I used for this post was colored by me and is from the book "Color me Calm."