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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behind the Words

Have you ever wondered, when you research a topic, who writes the information you find on websites? No? Well, I am going to tell you anyway. It’s people like me. That’s right, a lot of people who have websites don’t actually write their content. That’s because people generally are good at website design and driving traffic there, or writing, but not both. Some are the exception of course.

Does it pay? Yes. Can you live on this? That depends on how frugal you can live and how much work you can take on. But, one thing I have learned: never try to figure out an hourly rate, you may want to shoot yourself when you find out how little that comes out to. Besides, when freelance writers aren’t working on assignments, they are working on trying to find more work – and that effort does not pay, just like regular job search.

I often have wondered if people who are looking at “how to” articles wonder who the people are behind the words. For example, recently I finished a batch of relationship advice articles, when I am probably not the first person you should be asking. Remember Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City" when she had to do the seminar on dating and everyone wanted their money back? Yeah, like that.

What are some of the strangest things I have written? Well, I haven’t run across too many weird things yet, but the one that tops the list is probably “The Pros and Cons of Dating a Momma’s Boy.” Seriously? Needless to say, it was a tad difficult to find the pros. “Healing with Energy” was another unusual one, but interesting. Too bad I can’t use what I learned there to help myself.


KT1 WRITES said...

Alex, it's so true. Most people are just looking for info, and want it now. They don't know it could be anyone, and usually is not an expert on the subject.

lissa said...

I've not thought of that,not much. I've always thought there is someone gathering and putting the information together but not a one person team, I thought perhaps a couple of people for this topic and that.

anyway, I hope you have a lovely october.

Diane said...

Right on, Alex! We're expected to sound like experts while being paid like we're ignorant.

mandy said...

Oh.. we'd better not get started on this topic. We write and they don't pay. Yet, we're supposed to write accurate and factually correct content.

I like your trend of thought on this one. Pretty cool post.

Conny said...

While some "How to" articles were way off and even laughable, I found most of them very helpful Alex. With some I could feel that the writer had been there and done that. If there was a mistake here and there, it didn't take any of the credibility of the information away. Give me an amateur over some dry professional any day.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Alex, I think the real trick is to be well enough prepared to write anything-and know how to skilfully use the information that is readily available in almost every field and subject.
As writers we must instil 'how to' confidence as well as knowledge. Articles offering fluff and incorrect information, or displaying lack of knowledge or skills by the writer --are usually pretty obvious. We are expected to
BE experts, but are paid, as
Diane says, "like we're ignorant". That can ONLY be remedied by writers insisting on decent pay for excellence in writing.