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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A to Z Challenge 2020: L is for Laos

Laos is located in south Asia. It is landlocked and borders Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar. It has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: wet (May through October), dry (November through February), and hot (March/April). This climate creates an ideal environment for orchids. Over 900 orchid species thrive here.

Fun Fact: Laos is home to the Plain of Jars. In this large area, you can find thousands of large stone jars that date back to prehistoric times. They are up to 10 feet tall, and no one knows their purpose.

This card has an interesting story. I went to a Postcrossing meeting in Wisconsin. It involves members of Postcrossing, the postcard exchange site, to get together to sign and mail postcards to random Postcrossers. So, each card that you bring and mail will be signed by all the participants.

In this meeting, we had 10 people, so each postcard had those 10 signatures. A few weeks passed, and when I browsed the forum on the site, I found a message by a Postcrosser from Laos. He said he had received one of those meeting cards and tried to register it but couldn't.

Registration is important because it allows the sender's name to be given out to another person from whom they will receive a postcard. Anyway, he said that he wanted to send each person who had signed this card a postcard because he appreciated the card so much and to make up for the fact that he couldn't register it.

Well, since my name was on there, I contacted him. He replied and asked for my address. A few weeks later, I had this postcard. I found out that it's expensive to send postcards from Laos, so not many people send them. So, I am quite happy.

We did exchange another card after this, but unfortunately the writing is gone on that one because he used some kind of marker that faded away. Until this day, I still have not found one other person who sends from Laos.


Lynn Proctor said...

Wow I would be very interested in those jars!

NotesinaBook said...

The plain of jars sounds fascinating.

Jade Li said...

So fascinating! I wonder if they were used as grain silos are used today? They'd have to be solid and tall to keep rodents out. Very nice postcard and glad you were able to communicate with the Laotian who sent it to you.

Weekends in Maine said...

That was so great that he reached out and wanted to show his gratitude. Weekends In Maine

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Wow, it still amazes me how lucky to live in this country (USA) where everything is so easy to get...except for letters from Laos, of course!