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Friday, April 12, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: K is for The King

This is my story of how I met the King of NASCAR, Richard Petty. Yes, the King is his legitimate nickname. This picture was taken in 2003 or 2004. Back then, I went to a bunch of NASCAR events where you buy a wristband and stand in line to meet the driver for an autograph. It was easy then because I lived in Richmond, Virginia, hone of a a popular racetrack and not far from the hotbed of the sport.

As a whole, that day was brutal. About 98 degrees with a dew point in the 70s, and of course everything took place outdoors at a motor amusement park. I had no idea that I was meeting the King that day. I had a ticket to meet his son, Kyle Petty. Who? Exactly. For this driver, it was a fairly short line.

Well, while we were waiting, someone announced that Kyle was busy, and his father would be filling in. So, stand in line for a relative nobody and meet the greatest living NASCAR legend instead ... what a trade off!

To put it in perspective: The King has 200 wins, all earned in the top series of the sport (there are three levels). He also holds 7 championships, the same as the Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt. There is only one other driver who has even broken the 100-mark in the top series (David Pearson with 105). Kyle has 8 wins in 829 starts. (I actually met Kyle Petty a few months later at another event).

Richard Petty is 81 years old at the time of this post. He has looked the same for 40 years and always wears a long-sleeve shirt, tucked into jeans with a big belt, a distinctive hat and cowboy boots, regardless of heat or cold.

I always heard that Richard Petty loves his fans and that he takes time signing his autograph, clearly and legibly. When I met him, I found this to be true. He never seems hurried, and the short line moved very slowly because he took his time talking with everyone who approached him. My daughter took this picture, and she went through the line three times to speak with him. :-)


Random Musings said...

Definitely turned out to be your lucky day

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Rather nice when you meet someone you admire so much. Glad for you.