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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A to Z Challenge 2019: B is for Bees

While I am not too fond of insects, especially when they come inside the home, I do love bees. (I don’t bother insects outdoors because I know they have a purpose). I moved into my current home in 2012 and started a garden the following year.

Since then, I have enjoyed watching bees when they gather pollen. One of my favorite things is watching a bee that has pollen on its butt. I usually grow sunflowers every year, and they’re ideal for bee-watching purposes. Sadly, I have noticed that the bee population has declined each year. I now see only a few bees.

I hope this year I will see more because I signed up for The Great Sunflower Project. You can check the details on their site, but in a nutshell it involves planting lemon queen sunflowers and submitting bee reports in the summer. If you feel like it, you can sign up too!


suhavijay said...

Yes, Bees are very much needed for us to survive


Morgan Cartwright said...

I love bees! They are one of my favorite living creatures. Bees, Bison and Bats! All B names. :)
They are so vital to our ecosystem and we have to protect them.

Varsha said...

I love them too. Unfortunately, we have bad memories with them. My FIL had wild bees attack and it took away his life forever.
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