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About Alexandra Heep: The internet has allowed allowed Alexandra to maintain a semblance of life when encountering an unexpected, lingering health crisis. The Internet is a lifeline which not only allows her to remain connected to friends, but also survive, via writing.While Alexandra Heep is her pen name, she does not hide behind it. Instead, she used it to brand herself on the Internet and to create opportunities.

Alexandra published her first book, a collection of her best poems, on July 11, 2012. You can buy it at Lulu.com

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

A to Z Challenge: L is for Landscapes

I have always had a fascination for landscapes and for those who can paint them such as the likes of Bob Ross. Adult coloring books give those without talent for drawing (like myself) a chance to create wonderful landscapes, even if they're more whimsical than realistic (even though in the time it takes me to color one tree branch, Bob Ross has completed an entire breathtaking painting). Here are a couple of my favorites that I have colored (from a book called the Magic Path by Colorama).

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