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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pastoral Poetry (in honor of Earth Day) for NaPoWriMo Day 22

Since April 22 is Earth Day, today's prompt on the NaPoWriMo website challenged us to write a pastoral poem.

It's bonus day! I have two poems for you today. The first one I wrote just now for the prompt, and the latter poem I wrote on Earth Day last year which was inspired by Baby Spruce. If you don't already know, Baby Spruce is our potted Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree (seen in the picture). I used to post Baby Spruce chronicles on another website. These basically had to do with holidays and milestones.

I often wonder what is wrong with me
not just because I love to hug a tree
no, you see, while other women drool
over diamonds and many other a  blingy jewel
just take me to the gardening store
so you can buy me plants and more
anything that blooms or has some green
make me happy and feel like a queen.


Happy Earth Day from Baby Spruce (written 2014)

I am a tiny evergreen tree
I am glad the Heepies adopted me
A Dwarf Alberta Spruce, hence my name.
Life without me would not be the same.

Earth Day is today, so look around
See what you can put into the ground
Plant it, seed it, feed it; it will grow
Green for your efforts you will show.

Even if you have no space nor cash
Do something good, pick up some trash
Or teach your children what to do
Respect for nature, themselves too.

One life, one earth, is all we get
Dire consequences, should we forget.
Yes, I am just a tiny tree
But knowledge you can find in me.

1 comment:

Dawnwriter said...

Both poems are lovely bursting with joy and hope and all things green. I am so glad Dwarf Alberta Spruce got adopted by the Heepies and I hope more people find gladness in sight of something blossoming than in material things.