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About Alexandra Heep: The internet has allowed allowed Alexandra to maintain a semblance of life when encountering an unexpected, lingering health crisis. The Internet is a lifeline which not only allows her to remain connected to friends, but also survive, via writing.While Alexandra Heep is her pen name, she does not hide behind it. Instead, she used it to brand herself on the Internet and to create opportunities.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013


For the following poem I had a somewhat different approach: I wanted to use some uncommon words to describe cats, so I looked on the web and found a list of "the top 100 most beautiful words" (or something like that). I chose the following to use for the poem:


And here is the result.

Any ailurophile will gladly tell
Feline creatures rule and excel
Lissome bodies with opulent fur
Become cynosure for the debonaire

Felicity embodied with chatoyant gaze
Regal poses full of epicurean grace
Capture even a pauper's whim
Chances of eluding cat's charm are slim.

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