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Friday, November 23, 2012


Yes, I am skeptical as well when the word "free" is used, but a few days ago I spent some time trolling the net to see what restaurants offer free meals for birthdays, since mine is coming up. To my surprise I found long lists of restaurants that offer some thing or another.

Now, these free foods range from $1.00 items (laughable) to $25 meals and steak dinners. The latter unfortunately were not for restaurants offered in my area. (These are good for the US, but I don't see why other countries would not have promotions for birthdays as well.) 

How did I find this stuff? I went to this website that lists over 150 restaurants and went down the list, signing up for the ones that sounded appealing and were in the area. There are dozens of other sites out there; I simply chose this one because the links opened in a new window and actually worked.

Most will send an activation email and/or coupons directly to the email provided, while others send text messages. Yes, some of them require a purchase, but if you are eating out already and it's a place you already go to anyway, it's not a bad deal, in my opinion.

Since not all offers need to be redeemed on the exact birthday, I plan on having some fun in December with food. Maybe a new wardrobe (in a larger size) will be in order in January ...


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

There was a great restaurant we used to go to on Long Island for our birthdays where you eat for free and we even found a few in PA, but we don't often take advantage of it. Too busy I guess or lazy! Hope you have a great birthday with a lovely meal.

Christine Rains said...

That's awesome. Thanks for the link. We always look for places that kids eat free. It saves a lot of money whenever we want to go out.

Teresa Cypher said...

Cool, thanks Alexandria! Happy New Year :-)