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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quiz: What element are you?

Have you ever seen fun quizzes online and wondered how much truth there is to them and how accurate they are? Well, when I say I write about everything, I truly meant it, and I once tried writing a few for a publisher. Despite me putting a lot of thought into them, I was not very successful. Translation: They were not accepted.

I just came across them, so for the next four weeks I am going to post one each Thursday. Why Thursday? Because that day has nothing. Fridays are good, weekends are great, Mondays suck, Tuesdays are Ruby Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are hump days. That left Thursdays. So, have a little fun. But, like I said, I actually put a lot of thought into the answers and a lot of knowledge. How? Let that remain a mystery, but let's see how I did!

It's elemental - we all relate or are drawn to either fire, earth, water or air. Does your boat rock or float, or do you have the wind in your sails? Perhaps burning desire is more your style? Take this fun quiz and find out.

Question #1
In what month were you born?
A. January, February, March
B. April, May, June
C. July, August, September
D. October, November, December

Question #2
What color do you like the most?
A. Green
B. Red
C. Yellow
D. Blue

Question #3
What is your favorite activity?
A. Sports
B. Arts and crafts
C. Outdoor stuff
D. Reading

Question #4
Which of the following describes your temperament the best?
A. Laid back
B. Excitable
C. Grounded
D. Outgoing

Question #5
What is your favorite time of day?
A. Early morning
B. Afternoon
C. Evening
D. I am a night owl

Question #6
Which of the following foods do you like the most?
A. Fish/seafood
B. Fruits
C. Vegetables
D. Breads


If you chose mostly A. You are Water. You can be still and deep, or rush ahead at full force. Water is the beginning of all things; it's the essence of love and life. Water is a passive force and is opposite to fire. You tend to be as cool and composed as this element that you represent. You are mysterious and compassionate. Gemstones associated with water are amethyst, aquamarine, and tourmaline, so wear them if you can. An aquarium or water fountain kept in your home will enhance your personality.

If you chose mostly B. You are Fire. Fire is creative and destructive, but it is also cleansing. Fire gives comfort as well by heating our homes. You are happiest when out in the sun. You are outgoing and can be temperamental. Fire is passion and symbolizes change. You have a lot of willpower and you tend to be a leader. Reptiles make the best pets for you, and quartz would be a good gemstone for you to have. You are definitely energetic and can get people motivated. Fire is an active force and is opposite to water.

If you chose mostly C. You are Earth. Earth contains the seed of all things. You are very stable and grounded. Earth is the element of wisdom, growth and prosperity. Earth nourishes us because it grows our food. You are intelligent and strong. You are good at building things. Earth is a passive force and is opposite to air. You tend to be successful no matter what you do. Dogs and horses would make the ideal pets for you. Growing some plants in your home will enhance your personality.

If you chose mostly D. You are Air. Air is invisible, but vital to survival. Air is the power of the mind and intellect. You are a very creative person with a great imagination. Air connects all living things together. Air is an active element and is opposite to earth. Birds would make excellent pets for you. Keeping flowers in your home will enhance your personality. Air also feeds dreams and wishes, and yours tend to come true. You are a person who can easily inspire others.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I am half earth, half air. Wonder what that means? That I'm a stable Ninja?

Alexandra Heep said...

LOL Alex. I wrote this in 2008, so who knows.

I have been fire all my life in everything, but the quiz says I am air and the character profile fits me to a T.

It's all in fun ...

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Blimey, I'm a mix of all but mostly water and earth--which makes sense to me-Ms. Garden Girl.

That was cool. Can't wait for next Thursday!

Alexandra Heep said...

Thanks, Glory. Hurray to deleted articles! (you know what I mean)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. I'm a mix now - but Air hits the button - yet the mix bit is there .. fun to read - thanks ..

Cheers Hilary