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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Venrez

Venrez, formed by vocalist Steven Berez, is a hard rock band based in Los Angeles. The other members consist of Jason Womack (guitar/vocals), Michael Bradford (bass), Ed Davis (drums) and Alex Kane (guitar) whose long list of credentials include Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg.

Their album, "Sell the Lie," was released to rave reviews in 2012. I was hooked with the first song, aptly named "Karma." While a relatively new band, the guys are "mature" rockers, older than I am. It shows in their music style that has a classic rock influence, but with a fresh sound, especially the unique vocals. Make no mistake though, these guys can rock up on stage.

Bands and artists like Fuel and Alice Cooper agree, as Venrez was/is touring with both of them. Give then a like on Facebook  and a listen. The videos don't do them justice, but it is a start. From a personal standpoint, what is important to me are the strong lyrics and that Venrez takes pride in the song writing skills.

This first video is a cover of Mary Jane's Last Dance, with Fuel, a very recent performance. If the video makes you nauseous (it's jumpy), just listen to the music. After all, that is what matters.

The second video does not have great sound quality, but Blogger did not want to cooperate with the one I wanted to embed.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Never heard of them - and I try to stay on top of new bands.

Alexandra Heep said...

Alex, that's because I have connections!

Seriously though, a good friend of my boyfriend's is in the band is how I know of them.

Red said...

Is this a case of getting together a band after a career? There has got to be some story behind this...

Alexandra Heep said...

Red, as always you are very perceptive.