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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Uriah Heep

You knew this was coming. Even readers who only recently got to know me figured out what Heep stands for in my name. Back in June 2007, when I decided to become a writer, choosing Heep as my pen name was just another stepping stone among the Karma of my life. Uriah Heep is more than just my favorite band. It has brought many interesting people and life-changing events into my life, yet I have never seen the band live. Why? That's another story for another day.

Should I not devote my limited words to talking more about the band itself? That's just it, this post is actually one of the hardest to write as I have so much to say about Uriah Heep that it's hard to condense. I could tell you they started out as Spice in 1969, became Uriah Heep in 1970 and that their name choice has often been criticized (Charles Dickens readers will get it).

I could also tell you they have a member (Gary Thain) in the infamous 27Club along with Janis Joplin, Jim Morison and Kurt Cobain. And I could proceed to tell you about the revolving lineups, music style changes and band member drama that surpasses that of Deep Purple and has brought forth just as many talented, if not more, individual musicians with solo careers.Yes, they are still touring. If you are still asking: Uriah Who? let the music speak for itself.

This version of the classic Lady in Black, while described as a cover by the Romanian band Iris, is actually a collaborate effort between Uriah Heep and Iris.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Alex .. interesting how you 'found' your name .. Can't say I enjoy their music that much .. but the Lady in Black video has an interesting set to it ..

Cheers Hilary

Mike W said...

Go figure. Uriah Heep for "U". From Alex?

Hehehe. I've been waiting for U just to see what you would write and choose for songs to post.