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Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rory Gallagher

I have highlighted artists from a variety of countries, English speaking and otherwise, so today I am going to highland an Irishman, one who died way too young in 1995. I am always surprised that his name does not come up when music fans or magazines discuss great guitar players. Although, Rory Gallagher was far more than just a guitar player, he was an all-around artist--a mandolin player, saxophone player, vocalist and song writer too. Judging by the views on YouTube, he still seems very popular though and people recognize his abilities.

What I like about Rory is that he is one of the few who has managed to "make it" while staying true to himself. Especially if you understand the circumstances of growing up in Ireland among the unrest of Belfast. While he was famous enough outside of his homeland and could have easily avoided what was going on, he always found time to return home to the hornet's nest.

Also,  his music was always the focus, not  being hung up on stage appearance, but the latter was still appealing enough to draw someone in who perhaps was not a guitar freak. He even shunned releasing singles, much to the annoyance of his record label. Not bad for a musician who grew up without even a record player in his childhood home.

I know his videos tend to be very long, but I had to include two because they are my favorites because I identify with both of them. Those are Moonchild (the shorter of the two and my absolute favorite) and Tattoo'd Lady. If you know me, you know why I chose them. If you don't, well, get to know me!


Mac Pike said...

Rory was special - thanks for bringing him back into the limelight!

Alexandra Heep said...

Limelight? With 4 readers, hardly. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!