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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Opus

My sincere apologies to those who expected Ozzy Osbourne (not). But, I will admit that Opus made the list because of one song only: Live is Life (yes it's spelled that way). Yes, the video is cheesy and perhaps the lyrics too, but to me this is a feel-good song that embodies everything about the 80s, although my 80s weren't anything to write home about. Alas, they are novel fodder, but that's another story not yet told.

I knew that Opus was from Austria (not Australia, not Germany), but that's all. Today's digging revealed that while their hit "Live is Life" came out in 1985, the band has been in existence since 1973, but did not record their first album until 1980. And yes, they are still touring in Austria and Germany.

In the beginning, like many other bands, they started out in a garage playing covers. Interestingly enough, the bands they mention on their official site of having covered are Deep Purple and Colosseum. The latter has a tie to Uriah Heep as Mark Clarke, one-time bass player for Heep, played for Colosseum. (leave it to me to find the Heep).

The website also states that "Live is Life" was written for their fans. How appropriate that it should have put them on the map then. And here is the video, in all its lovely mullet and high-waist pleated pants glory - love the stage entry of the lead singer!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember mullets all too well...
Amazing they are still around.

Mac Pike said...

I thought this was going to be about Opus Penguin from Bloom County!

M Pax said...

Na na naa na na. I know that song. :)