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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly is psychedelic rock at its best. While mostly known for In a Gadda da Vidda, which was supposed to mean in the garden of Eden and was part of their second album, they released seven albums between 1967 and 1975 and released their eighth in 2011. The latter is a set of two 1968 shows. While well-known, I think they are underrated because they were so much more than just one hit song. I can only hope they were given their dues back then. Alas, since I was born the year they were founded I missed out on a lot of good stuff.

Iron Butterfly is presently touring in Europe with the lineup of Ron Bushy (drums), Lee Dorman (bass), Charlie Marinkovich (vocals/lead guitar) and Martin Gerschwitz (keyboards). The first two of course are and have been the backbone of Iron Butterfly for decades. Ron did the famous drum solo on In a Gadda da Vidda and Lee was a member of Captain Beyond, along with former guitarist Rhino Rheinhardt, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

My favorite song is Fields of Sun (from their first album "Heavy"), to me it is a quintessential feel-happy hippie song. And it makes me think of sunflowers, my favorites.


Betty Alark said...

Good morning, Alexandra!

Really like the cover/photo and the name-Fields of Sun!

I think I get more into the instrumental aspect of the music than the words. I'd like to purchase the instrumental version! Groovy!

Great choice for todays "I"

Shall return for more!!


Alexandra Heep said...

Good morning, Betty, thanks for stopping by again! Yes, I love the groovy instrumentals too!

Grammy said...

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