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Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Erol Sora

I know that taste is subjective, but to me Erol Sora is one of the most talented, underrated guitar players whose skill surpasses some of the more popular "recording artists." Erol is a true musician who writes his own stuff and does his own vocals in addition to all of his rocking guitar work. Not only that, but he turns his fans who choose to communicate with him into friends. I have been fortunate enough to be one of those. And he is no flash in the pan; he has maintained his fan base and friendships over the years.

His background is not too shabby either. He was involved in recording sessions with the likes of Quiet Riot and Survivor in the 1980s (www.erolsora.com). His accolades include a productive international stint that spanned several years with John Lawton (John Lawton's major credentials include Lucifer's Friend and Uriah Heep).

In 2005, Erol formed Sora and released "Demented Honour," and followed up with "Desire and Truth" in 2010. I would describe his music as straight-forward classic rock. Of course it's guitar oriented, but he has very pleasing, distinct vocals as well and it is easy to relate to his lyrics. My favorite excerpt is from "Highway to Nowhere:"

"I'm on the highway to nowhere
I'll ride alone there
on waves of coloured sand
I'm a man with no nation
no destination
I'll take whatever I can."

My favorite song from "Desire and Truth" is "When you Gonna Love me." You can listen to that, and other clips, here. I have also posted two YouTube videos below.

Highway to Nowhere from Demented Honour

Live clip


Misha Gerrick said...

He sounds like an awesome guy. Thanks for sharing his music. :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a guitar player so I always appreciate good guitar playing. I'm into progressive rock and dig guitarists like Dream Theater's John Petrucci.

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I feel so musically dumb...never heard of this guy!

Alexandra Heep said...

Glory, do not feel dumb, most everyone has not heard of Erol. That is my point with these music post, for people to find out 'new' things about stuff that was there all along, but is not talked about.

Red said...

He really is good. And the lyrics are great. Really good find, Alex.

Alexandra Heep said...

Red, actually he found me, but that is another story. Thanks for all your input, I love feedback.