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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life

Yesterday, when I walked to the store, I had bought my monthly iron supplement. Alas, when I came back, I found that Santa had sent me some in the mail early. So I called the store up to see if I could return them, since they were unopened. The answer was yes.

So today I grabbed my grocery bag (I use a tote instead of getting plastic or paper bags) and returned them to get my cash back. I picked up a few things and made my way to the checkout. As the store clerk was bagging my items, he exclaimed "Jingle Cash!"

I said "huh?" (although excuse me would have been much more polite, but he caught me off guard).

"You have $5.00 in Jingle Cash here in the bag."

That is when I figured out I must have gotten some kind of coupon yesterday and just stuck it in the bag. Well, he fished it out and rang it up. Combined with the money I got back for the supplements I was able to buy a box of Christmas cards and stamps to mail them, and still have one dollar left in my pocket.

You know how excited George Bailey from "It's a Wonderful Life" (incidentally number one on my favorite Christmas movie list) felt when he still had two dollars left after paying every customer when the banks crashed? Yup, that is how I felt. Almost daily I walk past stuff I can't buy and every hour I see crap on TV they tell me I need to buy or my family and friends won't love me, but ... not only do they still talk to me, they GIVE to me instead ... and who knew I could feel so much Christmas spirit during a time that others may see as the worst.


Diane said...

Santa knows all about the importance of iron. I think you are on a pre-birthday high right now. Good Karma! :-)

Arlee Bird said...

Life's little surprises are like iron supplements for the soul.

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