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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Never a Dull Moment (When You Have a Cat)

As I was typing away doing some research for work, I noticed Princess Gracie going wild on my bed. She had climbed under the sheet somehow (which is tucked under the mattress on two sides), happily chasing ... I don't know what, there should not even be lint under there. At first it was kind of cute to see a bump move across the bed, albeit a bit annoying to listen to claws grapple away on the mattress.

Well, cats will be cats so I continued working, until I heard a metallic "plunk."
It only took me a split second to realize this must have been my cell phone hitting something. But, why would it make that noise like metal hitting metal if it just hit the floor? That is when started panicking, thinking the phone must have slipped inside the box spring, which would leave it inaccessible to me because I certainly can’t pick up a mattress. In my old days perhaps, but not now. I rushed over to the bed, throwing all the covers off, shaking them out – nothing. I checked the floor around the bed, but did not find it.

The logical step of course would be to call the cell phone (with my hotel landline) and follow the ringing noise. The problem is, I have changed phones and numbers so many times in the past I can not remember my number. Eureka, I did remember my old (disconnected) cell phone however and knew I had put my current phone number in that address book (anticipating incidents like this, no doubt).

I retrieved my number, used the hotel phone in my room to call my cell number, and there it was, face down in proximity to the bed. Why the clinking sound as it hit? Well, it had landed on a belt I had left on the floor.


Diane said...

LOL! At least Gracie had a fun time. :-)

Conny said...

And what did you do? Take Gracies's new toy away?

Raige Creations said...

too funny. cats are the darndest things. our has met with near fatal run ins with dad, but thus far has survived. But she chases thread and hairballs, so we don't much pay attention to what she is chasing, unless its the dog.

Laura said...

Cats - they may have nine lives - but I swear they shorten ours with their antics :)

Angela Young said...

Lol. Cats are a lot of fun when they're not being a nusance! I surmise the cat was playing with your cell under the covers?

Alexandra Heep said...

Not sure Angela, but evidence certainly suggests so!