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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Do you know what goes good with a cup of tea? Grilled cheese sandwiches. 

The funny thing is, I did not like them until the 1990s. I had a co-worker who ordered them from the cafeteria. Oh, not just any old grilled cheese, she always ordered them with tomatoes and provolone cheese.
Up until then, I had never tried them because the pale, white bread with processed oil and water slices they served did not appeal to me. Since I do not like to make waves, I had not even thought of ordering them any different way. Why did I never cook any at home up until then? I just did not think they constituted a meal, since it’s not something I grew up with.

Well, that lady starting something. From then on, I have had lots of varieties. I have added onions, peppers, celery, and even salami, turkey, or ham. I know, I know, the meaty additions turn them into something else.
Also, think outside the white-bread box. I have used any type of grain bread, not just rye and wheat. My favorite way is to fry the bread in Ghee (clarified butter), but I have been known to use, uhm, olive oil in a pinch. Forget the processed American cheese slices, I love pepperjack. Combine that with onions and you will not have any sinus problems for the rest of the day.


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Oh, but I love me a grilled cheese sandwich! I love Muenster cheese with fresh from the garden tomatoes and several basil leaves best, but I'll also take sharp-sharp cheddar on six-grain bread. Ooh, now I'm hungry!

Alexandra Heep said...

Cool, another way I never thought of.

No food post tomorrow, I promise!

mandy said...

I'm not much of a cheese person, but if I didn't add the cheese it wouldn't be a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, would it? lol. Interesting post, Alex. I just might use this post for my next blog.

Alexandra Heep said...

Hello Mandy, I am glad you made time to stop by. Feel free to use whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

I love grilled cheese, and on a cold day I will accompany it with tomato soup. I think that is a match made in heaven!

Diane said...

IMO grilled cheese sandwiches are an less recognized favorite in America. Everyone connects burgers and hot dogs with our culture, but grilled cheese is right up there too. They were always a favorite of mine until dietary issues took dairy out of my orbit. Now it's goat cheese for me, and I can get a tasty Gouda goat cheese, but it's just not the same as cow cheddar, Gouda, Havarti...and I'll shut up now because I'm torturing myself! :-)