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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Got Mail?

When is the last time you received an unexpected piece of enjoyable snail mail? Of course bills, catalogs, and credit card offers do not count, I did say “enjoyable.” Neither do holiday or birthday cards, provided you still get those because they aren’t really that unexpected.

I don’t know about you, I guess it depends how old you are, but I remember getting post cards from friends on vacation, even in my teenage years. I also had pen pals from other countries, remember the days of pen pals? I once had a huge collection of picture postcards from tons of places around the world. Many were even displayed on my wall at one time. Since I was not really in a position to travel much, it was my way to see the world. But, I also sent and received six-page hand-written letters from friends during summer break during those times when not traveling.

This all went by the wayside. I don’t even know when it all went away, if it was sudden or gradual. But, now we get voice mails, emails, text messages, and electronic greeting cards – if we are lucky. Now, when friends travel, they simply upload their pictures online on Facebook and there you go. Most people would probably be hard pressed to send post cards or greeting cards because their phones do not hold real addresses. No one carries address books anymore.

Imagine my surprise when today I received a picture postcard from a friend who was traveling. I should not have been surprised because she has sent me greeting cards before – just because, with beautiful designs, just to cheer me up. Talk about Hallmark moments!

Call me old-fashioned, but while I am on board with a lot of progress, some things I wish could stay the same.


Diane said...

I'm old fashioned enough to still enjoy getting postcards myself! Naturally, I like to send them as well. I also have a friend who takes road trips with her husband all the time. Everywhere she goes, she takes along a sheet of printed addresses and stamps. She has elevated the thoughtfulness of sending postcards to an art form. It's a little thing really, but receiving one is guaranteed to bring a smile. :-)

Olivia said...

I'm with you Alex, maybe someday our young will suddenly decide that sending and getting snail mail is "the new thing" LOL
Some old things become new again..that's if we still have postal service LOL

lissa said...

I do like real mail. emails and phone calls are fine but to have something to hold in your hand or even tack up on the wall, is still a wonderful feeling.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

It seems that now, a hand-written letter is almost a collector's item. There's nothing quite like the personal touch and old-fashioned handwriting. When I "write" someone even by snail mail, I tend to use the keyboard and print it out, --instead of sending chicken-scratch doodling. Perhaps it is a good thing in my case, saving a lot of "interpretation of hieroglyphics" ?

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I'm usually shocked when I get something "real" in the mail. It is rare. Perhaps you have to send real enjoyable stuff to others who appreciate it in order to receive?