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Friday, September 23, 2011


Image Credit: Martina Mishoe

The recent pandemonium about the new and “improved” Facebook news feed structure and talk of other impending Facebook changes have made me once again wonder why. Why is energy being expended on developing new things that seem to serve no function?

Well, some have speculated that the Facebook changes have something to do with the new Google+. I have no idea what that means; I still have problems understanding Google Panda and what it has to do with my article earnings and why it is named after a cute animal when it supposedly relates to an algorithm.

But, the story about Facebook is so huge it has made it around news stations all around the globe. Meanwhile, we still can’t balance a budget, cannot feed the common people while tax payers shelled out 16 dollars a piece for muffins to feed politicians while they debate said problems, nor can we figure out where something is going to fall that we launched into space in the first place. And this is just the tiniest tip of a Titanic-size iceberg of idiosyncrasies I think of on a daily basis, and I am not even being paid to think. 

I am not against progress, not at all. I know that without developing new ideas we would still be scribbling on cave walls. If we did not invent the wheel, then put several together and add spontaneous combustion, we would not have NASCAR after all. No, I am simply wondering about who makes the decisions of where to focus our energies as a collective consciousness and whom they will benefit in the end. I kind of have an answer in my head, but it does not satisfy me.


Olivia said...

It does seem that just when you get comfortable with things something or someone comes along and changes it. If it were not for the need to keep up with family and friends I would probably leave FB. I am still considering that too.

Another nice blog site Alex.:)

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

The thing is everybody has their own vision of what needs changing, improving and/or a different spin. Stagnation isn't good either. I just wish for more common sense! Ain't none of that anymore as far as I can see!

Diane said...

While the FB changes are annoying to a certain degree, I'm not as impacted because I don't really use it all that much.

One thing for sure, all of the decisions for change on FB are based on making more money. How the changes impact users is less a concern. Sometimes success breeds a false sense of security. Only time will tell how this one shakes out.

Logical minds try to understand why there is unfair imbalance and lack of common sense in the world. If only there were answers that made sense.