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Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven Wild, Wacky, Wonderful and Weird Things About Me

Reading blogs is as much fun as writing them, and you never know what you may find. From Julie’s Wooly Acres to Glory’s Garden I found a topic titled, well, see above. Although, I must admit it was hard to find some wild, wacky, wonderful, and weird things you may NOT already know about me.

1. I almost died when I was 5 because of a ruptured appendix.

2. In my younger years, I once worked briefly as a dispatcher for a taxi cab company. Later, I found out they also serviced, uhm, other clientele. I will leave it at that. Everyone in town knew except for me.

3. One of my oddest jobs was working as a door greeter for a casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. I had to wear men’s tuxedo apparel and my job was, well, to open doors. Sounds easy, but do that for 8 hours on your feet, moving heavy glass doors every 5 seconds! Most of the time we had a second person working the same door so we could talk to pass the time at least.

During one of these shifts, I opened the door for this gray-haired, grumpy hippie with long hair in two untidy braids. Most people, especially men who see reasonably attractive girls open the doors for them, will smile and say thank you. Not him, he burst right through – perhaps he had left the content of his wallet behind?
Well, to my surprise, as he was out of earshot, my co-worker exclaimed: “Do you know who that was? It’s Willie Nelson!” Sure enough, a second look revealed just that. He was there giving a concert that weekend so it all made sense. To this day however I do not like him because of that incident.

4. Staying in the casino: I was not only an employee, but also a customer at one time of said casino. I won the nickle jackpot once on a poker slot machine, flashing lights and all, with a royal flush all in spades.

5. When I was in my late 30s, I took tap and jazz classes for two years with my daughter. Well, not in the same class but the same school. I did four recitals on stage and a group performance for a nursing home during Christmas season.

6. I have had two songs written for me by guys.

7. My name and a website I used to run is mentioned in the book “The 27s – The Greatest Myth of Rock n Roll

And there you have it. That is two minutes you’ll never get back.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that! I love Gracie's sign. :-)

Diane said...

Interesting list! Made me wonder what I would come up with if I made a similar list.

Conny said...

Alex now you've given me an idea.

Tom Middaugh said...

Ha, Love it.